“Soft” Skills Trainings

Sources of Intrinsic Motivation


vidinė motyvacija_mokymai

Participants’ Number

6-12 persons


3 astronomic hour


Lithuanian or English

Training program

  • What is so much special about self-motivated people?
  • What motivation theories help to understand the sources of intrinsic motivation?
  • What is the essence of intrinsic motivation in relation to different personality types?
  • How to reach one’s element and what HAVE, LIKE, WISH FOR really mean?
  • The importance of love, creativity, curiosity and relationships with teachers.
Additional Information
  • Focus on developing participants‘ practical skills;
  • Training may be conducted in-person/ online via TEAMS or ZOOM MEETINGS;
  • Date of training will be arranged according to your needs.
  • The possibility to have a training for more participants may be negotiated.


Nastasija Šurpikienė

Consults Executives working in various business areas on all the issues related to “soft” Human Resources management competencies. Nastasija is interested in Group Relations method and on a regular basis takes part in international Group Relations Conferences as well as Group Consultancy workshops.

Areas of Expertise: employee learning and development systems, employee personality types, onboarding processes, employee engagement, training and retention, sources of self-motivation, developing EQ, building authentic leader-follower relationships.

Conducting trainings experience: 10+ years, 20+ topics, conducted trainings to more than 50 groups, more than 500 participants.

Qualifications: Executive Master of Management (BI and ISM), MA in English Philology and Pedagogics.

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